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The Fries Prize for Improving Health

This prize is for major accomplishments in health improvement, unrestricted as to field, with emphasis upon recent contributions to health in the United States, and with the general criteria of the greatest good for the greatest number. It is intended for that individual who has done the most to improve health, as judged by an expert and prestigious Selection Jury. It is awarded for achievement, rather than potential. The Prize could be awarded to an educator, a scientist, a program inventor, an activist, a public figure, a private citizen, or any other person who has made a significant contribution to improvement of the public health.

The Prize is intended to celebrate important work and to:

  • Highlight and showcase the factors and approaches that most improve the public health.
  • Heighten the visiblity of successsful ideas, programs, innovations, and policies that have improved health.
  • Encourage others to emulate the accomplishments of the Prize nominees and recipients.

The Prize amount is $60,000.00

the sculptor, Robert Holmes

The Prize Statue

The Prize is an original bronze statue "Celebration" created by famed sculptor Robert Holmes for the Foundation and cast again as an additional original edition for each recipient using the "lost wax" method.

Prize Presentation

The year 2014 Fries Prize was awarded in Fall 2014 at the CDC on October 6-7, 2014.