Integer Game Technology’s Ghostbusters

Who would you contact if you saw something out of the ordinary in your neighborhood? GHOSTBUSTERS! Slimer awaits you in the Ghostbusters slot machine, so charge up your proton pack and get ready to do battle. This game takes us back in time and is loaded with features that we enjoy. Let’s throw the dice and see what happens! I have no fear of the dead…

When Ghosts Attack, Play the Ghostbusters Slot and Find Out!

The success of the Ghostbusters slot machine is virtually on par with that of the original 1984 picture. The film was a smashing success when it was released, and its influence may still be seen in today’s youth. To further appreciate why Nevada-based game developer IGT spent time and money bringing this picture to life in one of their video slots, let’s discuss a bit about the box office smash.

The first weekend of the film’s release, Ghostbusters made $23 million, which was a record for the box office. For a total of five weeks, the film made over $100 million at the box office. IGT’s Ghostbusters slot machine is a hit because it accurately captures the spirit of the movie. It has five reels and thirty paylines. Spending time with the hilarious Slimer can gain you four hidden bonus features.

The Ghostbusters Game Manual

You will feel right at home with Ghostbusters if you have any prior experience with online slot games. The slot machine has 30 different paylines and five reels and three rows. The graphics and animations from IGT are outstanding, and they do a great job at referencing the Ghostbusters film. The emblems feature well-known actors and various pieces of Ghostbusters gear. Dan Akroyd plays Ray, Harold Ramis is Egon, Emie Hudson is Winston, Bill Murray is Peter, and they are all film stars. The slot also features Slimer, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and the other Pufties.

Signs of Great Worth

Slimer and the library ghost, which doubles as a wild, are the highest paying symbols on Ghostbusters slot outside of the bonus features. A payout of 500 times your initial wager is possible for a full house.

Other high-paying symbols include Ray and Egon, both of which pay out 250 times your wager for five of a type. If you get five Peter or Winston symbols in a row, you’ll win 200 times your initial wager. Louis, portrayed by Rick Moranis, is the show’s final major player. When five Louis symbols appear, the payout increases to 150 times the player’s bet.

Optional Add-Ons

The Ghostbusters slot machine’s 30 paylines are one of its outstanding features. The slot’s bonus games and other touches make for a thrilling and fruitful gaming experience.

Four Unknown Contents This function is available in the base game and can be unlocked mechanically. Big bucks come from making the Slimer the protagonist. Slimer’s farts as he hands out prizes have made him famous, and for good reason. You might win anywhere from 50x to 50,000x your first bet. The Multiplier option can increase your wager by a factor of 2 or 5, depending on your preference. However, the Extra Wilds and Wild Reels features are where the real money is at if you’re in it for the long haul.

One to four symbols are randomly transformed into wilds during the Extra Wilds function. One to three reels can be’slimed’ and transformed into wild reels in the Wild Reels features, increasing the chance of winning enormous sums of money.

Extra Dance Floor Busters

Slimer appears on reel four if two bonus symbols appear anywhere on reels two and three. You’ll get five proton shots to use against the six ghosts that will be lurking after using the feature. You can win cash prizes for each hit, with a multiplier of up to five times. When your five shots are up, the bonus round is over.

Please Remain Stuffed

If you get two bonus symbols on reels two and three and the Stay Puft bonus symbol on reel four, you will activate what is arguably Ghostbusters’ finest feature. With this function activated, you will receive eight free games with 40 paylines.

One Who Can Read Your Mind

In order to use this function, you must select a card that is identical to the one Dr. Venkman is seen holding on the screen.

Psychic Winner Pick

Follow Slimer’s lead and pick the ugly green clouds that provide many paranormal jackpots regardless of your cloud selection if you want a shot at the progressive jackpot. If you land three Ghostbusters symbols on the middle reel, you’ll trigger a bonus game and be eligible for the progressive prize.






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