Play the Reactoonz Slot Machine by JeffBet – Review

Want a change from the standard slot machines? If that’s the case, the Reactoonz slot machine is a great option. Instead of landing aliens on paylines, players will need to form clusters of them, and there are several fascinating additional bonuses to keep things interesting.

Although the Reactoonz slot machine is not like any other slot machine, it is nevertheless easy to play. However, read on for a review of the Reactoonz slot machine if you need some help with the controls. You may either try the Reactoonz slot machine out for free or play for real money.

Bonuses & Extras in the Reactoonz Slot Machine


The objective of Reactoonz is to form groups of five or more adjacent identical symbols. Doing so will result in you receiving a reward. After a symbol has been selected as a winner, it will vanish and be replaced by a new symbol that will descend from above. This procedure repeats itself until there is no longer a winning combination.


The Instability trait is a common one. The Gargantoon has a chance of dropping anywhere from four to eight wild symbols onto the reels on any spin, increasing your chances of getting a winning combination by substituting for other symbols.


The Gigantoonz function also occurs frequently. Four of a kind in a square coalesce into a supersized rendition of the same sign. This enormous character will provide a multiplier of 2 to any winning combination that includes him.


Every time the wheel spins, the Fluctuation feature activates. The changing symbol is a random one-eyed symbol. Two wild symbols will be left after a victory involving a symbol that can change.


The Quantum Leap addition comes last. A meter on the side of the reels will fill up gradually with each successful spin. When the reel is full, an additional feature is added to the queue and awaits the creation of a winning combination. Up to four features can be placed in the queue.


The Incision feature creates two diagonal lines of symbols stretching from corner to corner, totally composed of the same symbol type, while the Implosion feature turns three to six symbols into wilds and destroys all neighboring symbols.


All one-eyed symbols and matching symbols are obliterated in the Demolition mode, while in the Alteration mode, a single symbol is selected at random and all other instances of that symbol are altered into something else.


After the fifth charge, the Gargantoon will be available on the reels. With each cascade, he splits into three pieces and goes around the board. After morphing into two 22 wilds, he morphs into nine 11 wilds.


Tips & Rules for the Reactoonz Slot Machine

To get started, click the coin denomination you want to wager below the reels. Then, to begin, press the game’s green circular button. After the symbols have fallen, the action will start. After the round is over, any winnings will be deposited into your JeffBet account.


You can’t improve your odds of winning at this online slot machine, but it helps to keep an eye on the list of wins to the left of the reels. The action on the screen is often rapid, so this list will help you keep track of what you’ve won and how you’ve won it. Players interested in speed should use the Autoplay function, activated by the yellow circle button.


RTP for Reactoonz Slots

96.51 percent is the UK RTP for the Reactoonz slot machine. That means the typical player can expect to recover 96.51% of their initial wager playing this slot machine. Keep in mind that this is only a mean; your actual return on investment may be significantly higher or lower than the advertised RTP.


The Frequently Asked Questions Section for Reactoonz Slot

 How much is the Reactoonz slot machine’s jackpot?

In Reactoonz, if you have a number of reactions with high-paying combos, you might win as much as 4,570x your wager. To win the maximum payout of 750 times your wager, you need to line up 15 or more purple aliens with two eyes.

Do any uncommon signs and symbols appear?


The wild sign is the most important bonus icon, and it takes the form of a revolving sphere of varying colors. There are additional 2×2 symbols that double the payout of every winning combination in which they appear, as well as a Gigantoon that begins as a 3×3 wild, divides into two 2×2 wilds, and then divides again into nine individual wilds.

Does the Reactoonz slot machine provide free spins?


Although the Reactoonz online slot does not give free spins, this is not a deal breaker because there are plenty of other intriguing elements to keep you entertained.






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